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Filet di Bosa

If you would like learning more about Bosa's filèt, “SU LÀURU 'OSINCU, you may read a great post by Jeanine: Sardinian Bosa Filet Lace
There's another link I found, with pictures of nets designed and done by the very same ladies who came here, but it's in Italian:
A book: "Io e il filet di Bosa", Marina Mureddu 2012, Ed. PetitesOndes
Another reference: Associazione Culturale Manos de Oro - Filet di Bosa - there's a page in Facebook
About netting in general: Dillmont - "The Encyclopedia of Needlework", Netting

Polar Graph papers you can download and print for free:

Beads and colours

Diritto d'autore

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