Tuesday, 21 November 2017

dollhouse miniature doily

I love this project! 😍 It started because I'm collecting dollhouse's furnitures piece by piece, there is a weekly magazine with them attached ... and what an home-sweet-home is without lace? Of course, the first to be tatted is the "big" doily for the dining room (even though I still don't have the table!).

Scale is 1:12, so if a real table diameter is 120cm, in the dollhouse the little table would be 10cm large. With that dimension, a realistic looking doily could be obtained with thin thread, like size 100, I think. When working with finer thread than my favourite size 80, I usually look for a simple pattern or a pattern that I already tatted, just because retro-tatting is not fun and I've problems to focus the tiny stitches. I went over my collection of  "Il lavoro Chiacchierino" by Mani di Fata and found the perfect doily in issue 13, that is the doily on the cover.
I haven't tatted that doily before, but it looks simple and stitches' count easy to remember. I've "translated" the pattern in my short textual notation 😉 (their patterns have always very long text and with so many asterisks that I absolutely assure you I can go mad!) and that is the 6° round finished.

(The little pottery is from Castelli, a town in Abruzzo, central Italy)

I already have the bed! I need the lace for the sheet and a blanket, too. Pillows, of course. I'll take my time...

I tatted two samples, the one in the bottom of the following picture has been tatted with dmc size 100 white B5200, the other one in the upper side of the picture it's been tatted with the same thread of the doily, that is Anchor Artiste Mercer Crochet 100. The size is the same but the dmc is brighter, in my opinion, while Anchor thread is softer.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

pattern for the winter fan

Pattern is in Flickr:
winter fan pattern

The thread used was a size 80, I think that the finer was the thread, the more suitable would be the result in order to use it, open and close. Another thing that I should reconsider is the fact that it needs some improvements to be functional as a real fan. I've been following the blog by Lila here: . She sewed the lace on the tulle, I like her suggestion, thanks Lila. Maybe the tulle "steals" a lot of space but it would be useful for the functionality, to fan oneself. Perhaps the tulle wouldn't be necessary for the whole lace's area. Just thinking aloud.

I've enjoyed tatting my own fan, it needed about 2 balls and one half of dmc special dentelles 80 thread, that is 5gr each ball. I plan to tat another one in white and in size 100 thread, but not soon. I've been caught up in another tatting addiction, I'll tell you...


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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

winter fan

I put a picture in Flickr, too.

When I showed the fan to my aunt the other day, we started laughing aloud because the fan doesn't work, it makes only a gentle breeze. Too many holes? Gosh! Who said 'yes'? All in all, it's a winter fan! 😄😄😄😄😄😄
That doesn't matter, I'll use it anyway, it won't be framed nor saved for posterity.

It needs its appropriate pochette. Sunday I went to a craft fair in Rome and bought two fat quarters of coloured fabric, I'll sew a tailored container for the fan but I've not yet decided which fabric, and there's another one that I like
I love that one with cats. The fan closes quite well, beads rocailles 15/0 aren't a issue.

That is my shot at the fair, Abilmente Roma. I broke the piggy bank and I also bought some beads and thread of course.
Last year at the same fair I met Alicja Kwartnik, this year there was nothing around about tatting. Sigh!

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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

the fun continues

Not so much tatting done during last week but I hope that this would be the last row. I tatted 31 pointed elements in the first row, now I think they had had to be 32.

I found an absolutely lovely drawing of the fans' stand during the International Exposition in Paris in 1867, it is inside an Italian publication: "L' Esposizione Universale del 1867 illustrata: pubblicazione internazionale autorizzata dalla commissione imperiale dell'esposizione", I hope that this link will work for you:


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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

light terra cotta

DMC thread, Special dentelles n. 80 colour 3778, "light terra cotta" and rocailles miyuki 15/0 white pearl. Slow tatting...

I'm slow also because I've started another net in Sardinian Bosa filèt lace (called  “SU LÀURU 'OSINCU”), it's too early for showing a close up, that is just to get a glance:

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Thank you very much for all your nice comments.